Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Life has been CRAZY around here.....

and it doesn't seem to be slowing down any at all!!! I have barely seen my hubby and my kids in the past 10 days between his work, my work, track meets, and all the other Life that has happened in between! We have helped my in laws move out of their house in MD, spent a few more hours in the ER getting Ben's stitches out, driven across town and back again to look for lost backpacks and so much more that I can't even remember!!!
We are back to a one car family again - after a $400 repair bill it died again after about 3 days and who knows if we will be able to fix it again and when!

Alex and I spent all day Saturday in Roanoke at SeaCadets. It is a really neat program run by the Navy for young people ages 11-17 who are interested in the military. This particular program is run by the Navy and Roanoke is the closest one to us so we visited on Saturday and Alex loved it!!! He will go to training once a month and this summer he will attend a Boot Camp that is an intro into military life! Next summer he will be able to go to Boot Camp that specializes in a more specific area of interest that he has - like Seal training or marksmanship!! This is going to be an interesting journey for Alex and for us to see if the Military is really a path he wants to pursue!!! I can't wait to get pics of him in his uniform to show you guys!!!!
Talk about BLISS.......too cute not to show off!!!

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  1. Hi, Julie!

    I can't remember exactly how I found your blog, but it looks like you and I have lots of mutual friends. :)

    I have three sons and am currently pregnant again, although we didn't find out this time whether it's a boy or a girl. Maybe I'll be like you and wind up in the "four boy" club!

    It's been fun to browse through your blog tonight.

    May you be blessed in many ways!