Sunday, April 5, 2009

Homeschooling...a way of life.....

In no way am I judging anyone or criticizing in regards to the choices you have or have not made - I am simply stating my recent observations and how they have made me feel. My ramblings from my head!!!
I have had a couple of conversations this past month about the mindset of homeschoolers and this is what I have realized - homeschooling is THE reason we have become a better mother, father, brother, family, learner, teacher and lover of all things that happen in the world around us! I have learned to stop and smell the flowers, to look at the stars, to not be in a rush(okay we still are some of the time) when we leave the house and to truly Love, Appreciate and Enjoy the Blessings God has given me in my children! I used to laways rush thru whatever they wanted so I could get back to what i wanted and I have had the most Joy brought to my life by the Lord convicting me to HS and to stop being consumed by me, me, me and to change my idea of what I want from the time I have been given with these sweet boys of mine! Don't get me wrong - I am still the Queen of projects, rearranging furniture and redecorating from a recent thrift store adventure but I am not consumed by it!!!
I recently read an article where a lady was talking about how at the end of the school year they had decided to start homeschooling the following year. That summer they went on a car trip and instead of sitting in the front reading her book, fussing(yelling) at the kids, breaking up fights and whatnot (as she ahd done in years past) - she was in the back with them - reading, laughing and enjoying the time she had with her family. Her mindset had changed in just the decision to HS - they hadn't started HSing yet and that I think is one of the biggest differences between us HSers and the other parents - our mindset is different.
I think we look at our kids different, we learn from them as well as them learning from us, we truly have Fun together, the boys are friends - not just brothers, we enjoy each others company, our kids are definately more aware of why we make the decisions we make and how they affect All of us, they live alot of their school - not just read about it and I could go on and on.....
All of the above reasons are why I am learning to not feel so terribly quilty about how far behind we are in school due to mommy having to go back to work! The boys have learned way more than I thought they had in areas I didnt even realize I was teaching and our family has grown in ways we never would have if the boys were at school all day long! As soon as I can quit - I will and that will be time enough to get all caught up!!
Now - I do have 1 in school all day but I believe he has benefitted from all of this as much as the little ones have because he sees the changes around him and he responds to what all of us are doing - as we are all more on the same page than he might be!! Because of that mindset we have adopted it affects everything around us and how we deal with life!
Thanks for letting me ramble!!!


  1. I am totally nodding my head as I read your post! Our lives drastically changed when we officially decided to homeschool. You are right. It really does change your family. Great post!

  2. Great post and I totally agree! It is very much a different mindset that sets us apart from most of society....which is why so many people think we're WEIRD! :)