Tuesday, March 17, 2009

warm weather means PROJECTS.......

at least for me it does!!! I have been waiting for it to get warm for these two projects and I am having such fun!!! One of them is an old barn window that I am going to paint and do something with - havent decided yet and the other is a sign for my room that says always kiss me goodnight! hopefully i will have pics in the next day or so!
my mom was here this weekend and we worked on my quilt some more and I just wanted to show off what the main body of it is going to look like because I love it!!!
the edge that falls over the side of the bed will be red with white polka dots!!!
off to play outside.......


  1. Seriously...you are one crazy talented momma

  2. I LOVE IT! I like that it has a very modern look

  3. I didn't know you quilted too - love it! I used to quilt a bunch (mainly before Zachary/Kaleb were born.

    Looks GREAT!