Monday, March 16, 2009

Such Fun.....

Do you celebrate Easter with baskets and chocolate and eggs and such?? We used to but once the oldest found out the Easter Bunny was us and the little ones hadn't really picked up on the whole idea of Easter = presents we decided to just make it about Jesus and nothing else and forgo the baskets, presents and candy! Noone has ever been the wiser......but me! I miss the little trinkets you put in Easter baskets and all the chocolate and the Easter egg hunts!! Walking past all that fun stuff in the dollar spot at Target makes me want to make easter baskets for the boys!! We saw the cutest stuff in Walmart, too and is was just a fleeting thought (and an expensive one) but it would have been fun to make the baskets!!!
We do color eggs - like crazy!! That was one thing we couldn't stop - the boys just love to color eggs and they associate that with easter so......
We did decide to have an Easter Egg hunt here at the house for all their little friends so that should be fun and i can do some cute things for that - right???

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