Monday, March 9, 2009

How do you do it all???

There are so many electronic avenues to explore and keep in touch and follow that I am overwhelmed! It started with blogging which I loved and still do - I love that i can just write absolutely random thoughts and some of you out there have them too!! Then I got on Facebook - finally if you asked a few friends and my son(the whole reason I got on facebook) and was found by my HS and it turns out there is a 20 year reunion coming up this summer - can you say DIET??? aarrgghhhh! Then I was aked to join another online community that is about homeschooling and i did! On top of that my regular email communication with friends and family and I am about done in! How in the world does a person keep up with all this stuff?? i cant imagine those of you that have even more than that! I almost go into panic mode when I look at the computer because I know I am going to be sucked in for hours on end checking out all the comments, emails, blog updates and discussions!!


  1. I feel your pain. I have spent so much time on FB and looking at blogs, but I think now that the weather is changing, I will spend less time online. For me, it was a welcomed escape from the months of sickness and winter blahs. I find I spend less time watching dumb stuff on TV now, more time trying to find and connect with friends. I just need to be sure it all lines up with my relationships with Him and my guys! If those are in order, it's a lot of fun!

  2. Pick and choose. :) Using firefox as my browser and having their "morning coffee" add-on has really helped me cut back on the need to visit every cool site every day...on top of remembering where/when to visit.