Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Show and Tell #2

I didn't realize how much I have been doing until I went to post for show and tell today...I have been a little bit busy but having fun!!! It is so much fun to reorganize, redecorate and rearrange after all the christmas decor ahs been taken, fun, fun!!!

This is where my shanty piece of work ended up! The hutch was moved from the kitchen into the family room and it needed some decor. So....

This is where the bookshelf i talked about here ended up. also in the family room.

This table has needed a special spot since I prettied it up last summer. So - with a little hutch movement we have a new home for the table! And the fantastic shelf wall thing I found at a yard sale last weekend.

The wall shelf was a very country blue color that does not fit into my decor but with a little antique white, some smoke glaze and 80 grit sand paper she turned into quite a nice shelf to display my pics of old schoolhouses and my funky chickens!

the round frames I also found at the yard sale and gave them a nice coat of heirloom white spray paint. They are displaying Winslow Homer and Beethoven - our musician and artist that we have been studying in school! The big picture is the picture by Homer that we have been studying for a couple weeks now - it is time to change it! I love including school stuff in the decor because homeschool is a huge part of our lives but our house doesn't have to look like a class room!

my hubby heard this word and said I want you to paint that and put it up in the house. so - 3 months later - here it is! every time i see the word there is something new i think of that we are victoriuos over and it just speaks of God's amazing work in our lives!!
we hung it on this little wall that you pass under as you walk down the hall and into the kitchen!

i painted the wood and then decopauged different pieces of scrapbook paper onto the board that the letters fit on. The letters are chipboard that I spraypainted black and then decopauged to the paper. i think it turned out cute and fun!

the wall of bookshelves in the kitchen also got an update after the decor was put away!

i love pigs and I have a new infatuation with funky chickens and roosters - maybe it is from living in the country! the silhouettes were an idea I got from a blog last year some time. easy peasy to do! and that empty space in the middle turned out to be the perfect place for our ocean box we made in science today!
the new lantern(the crack in the back piece of glass got me a discount at Ross) paired with my $2 pig is on the top of the left bookshelf.

this is what's on top of the right hand shelves. the flag was a father's day gift a couple years ago and i just painted the little sign over christmas break.

i have been collecting colorful and old glass vases for a couple years now and every once in a while i find a vase that i like that doesnt fit into the collection or is too big to go with the others so I put them in other places around the house - like here!

this stuff is on the other side of the middle shelves! my version of the shanty apothecary jars with an old schoolhouse pic I love because on the chalkboard is written - I will obey my teacher.
The other pic is stick figures of all the boys fishing - done by a friend of mine who has some amazing talents!

i filled the jars with sand i have had from our favorite beaches. my hubby asked me to do something like this a few years ago and the sand has been sitting there waiting for the perfect spot to put it is!! i still have to paint the top of the back jar black and add it's tag but until i get it done it will sit right here!

i made this big fork about 2 years ago. i cut it out of mdf with my jigsaw. it has been ina closet since i made it and i finally put it on the wall about 2 weeks ago! for some reason i have been hesitant about putting up all the things I have made or painted.

a bench from a yard sale that cried out for some chicken fabric and some new paint. the barrel i found at an antique shop - LOVE IT!
well - that is it for now and probably for awhile! coop starts back this week and we have some catching up to do in school so my playing days are over....till I get another great idea I just have to do!!!


  1. your house is super super cute! ; )
    i also like your blog design a lot!

  2. You have such a fun style! I love the colors and your fork is too cute!

  3. I LOVE IT ALL!!! Can you come decorate my house when you get bored??? LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! <3<3<3