Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Show & Tell

I do love this idea and have been anxiously awaiting this week's Show and Tell to show off what I did with the nativity and O Holy Night I purchased from I Show Off.

This board is leftover from some bookshelves my dad and I made over thanksgiving. I painted it balck and then sanded it down. I learned a cool technique to crackle so I tried that with the white center. I think it turned out pretty nice! When it was all dry I put on the vinyl and then put a clear coat over all of it!
to do the crackle effect: just use regular old elmer's glue!! i dont know what the actual crackle stuff you buy looks like when it is done but this worked well enough for me so I have done it a couple of times now!! i forgot to take pics during the process - sorry!
step 1 - paint your base color - the color you want to show thru the crackle - Let Dry
step 2 - apply elmer's glue to cover the whole area you want to crackle. not thick but not too thin just a nice coating
step 3 - let it dry but not completely. it will be just a smidge tacky
step 4 - put the top color on top of the glue. do it in one direction. don't keep applying to make it thicker. you are going to want to cover in one stroke going in the same direction and then do the next stroke. the more you go over it and the thicker you make the paint on top the less it will crackle.
dont hesitate to email me with questions - you will be suprised how easy it is and how fast it works! you should see it start in a couple minutes!

I love these nativities and knew I wanted to do something with them so...I bought them! She was nice enough to size them down a little for me so I could put them on this star as an ornament. I traced the star onto a piece of wood and cut it out with my jigsaw. It required a little sanding and then I painted!

on the back I wrote the different names that were prophecied in Isaiah 9:6.

I have a red one on my tree and Ijust love how they turned out - cute!!!
I am looking forward to cruising around all the other show n tell's!!!

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  1. These are fantastic! So pretty, I love the shape of the stars too :)

    Great Job!