Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Show and Tell

BCD Show and tell

I am soooo excited! I found a blog that does show and tell once a week - wooohooo!!! Now - I can show off some of my creations and possibly get some feedback on some of my stuff!! It will also be nice to show off all my fun painting stuff I like to do!!!

This is my first time doing show & tell and I am excited to show off some of my christmas things I made to sell at a local coffee shop! They aren't flying off the shelves like I had hoped but it was fun making them so I guess it is okay! Whatever doesn't sell I will just give as Late christmas gifts!!!

These actually sold pretty well!

I saw this idea on a blog at halloween and she gave directions on how to number the blocks(i never would have figured that out on my own) so I gave it a go and I think they turned out cute and fun!!

not christmasy but i did paint it for the shop so I put it on here!

a christmas gift for my sister.....

another countdown to christmas......
I can't wait till next week to show off what I did with these fantastic nativities I found from one of the past show and tell's!!



  2. I bought two of the snowmen as hostess gifts. Love all the other items, you are so creative, and don't worry they may all sell next week. Within 5 days 1/2 my Christmas cards at the store disappeared.

    Oh, we need to talk, I have a personal order for you. Now that I've found you I need to take some measurements, I'll email soon.