Saturday, July 31, 2010 we come

Chaos - our life these days!!! Everything has seemed to happen so quickly yet is moving so slowly! Our house didn't sell so we decided to rent it so that we can all go together as a family to Texas. It just didn't feel right to leave me and the kids here and Dan go ahead of us while we waited for the house to sell! Who knows how long it would have taken and we didn't want to be without our hubby and daddy for that long!

We had found a house to rent through a homeschool group in Texas but when we got there another house - 1 mile down the road from the Grandparents - was available. We had to make a hard decision but we think it was the right one and we will be living just down the road from the in laws. We feel this is a once in a lifetime oppurtunity for the kids so we will take it!! The boys are so excited to be able to ride their bikes down to Grandma's house! We couldn't resist the 22 acres that come with the house!!

I will send pics as soon as we get there and get internet set up! Right now we are in VA but will be packing up the truck on Tuesday and heading out Tuesday night! We are planning to get there by Thursday am!

Very exciting but sad! We have been so blessed by friends and church here in the Valley and we are really sad to go! So many people have been in and out of our lives over these past 5 years - it is hard to even begin to try to say good-bye to all of them! This makes me grateful for internet!!

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